Denise Grimes graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1997 with a bachelor degree in Studio Art focused on painting. She considers herself lucky to have had the opportunity to study with esteemed artists and amazing teachers like Bailey Doogan, Bruce McGrew and Moira Geffrion.

azrd_logoDenise hoped to make a career out of painting, and made a surprisingly good start showing paintings regularly during college and for a few years after. But in 2003, she got distracted by roller derby, and most of her work between then and now is graphic design – event posters, team and league logos, tattoos and all kinds of art she developed working for derby organizations and clubs.

studio_smDenise continues to paint, but has taken her father’s advice, and hasn’t quit her day job. She’s just made sure her day job involves making lots and lots of art. Ugh, this third person writing is exhausting.

But what does naked tyro mean?

na-ked (na’kid) adj. 1  a) completely unclothed; bare; nude b) uncovered; exposed   (said of parts of the body)  2  lacking clothing, means of support, etc.; destitute  3  without protection or defense   4  without additions, ornaments, disguises or embellishments; plain; stark (the naked truth)

ty-ro (ti’ro) n., pl. -ros 1  an agressive amateur   2  a) an ambitious novice who20150329_181548 exercizes tyrannical influence; any inexperienced person who seizes authority in an oppressive manner  3  a) a neophyte with unexpected ability to do, act, or affect strongly b) a headstrong beginner lacking customary respect for authority

I never wanted a site that was myname.com (though I do own the url so that no one else can make one, either, assuming I ever piss someone creative off that  much). I can’t remember for sure where the idea came from to name my site back in 2002 when I created it the first time.*  If I had to guess, though, it was almost certainly that I read the word “tyro,” looked it up, loved it, and then decided that the naked made perfect sense because all the potential meanings of that word apply to how I feel about and the subject matter of most of my paintings. And then tyro – there was never a more accurate self-fulfilling prophesy than that one.

*For a giggle at my super amateur flamey java, check out this archive circa 2005.






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