June 2014: Make Free Art

make free art front June 2014. SoCal Derby was in town for the Golden Bowl. We were a last-minute booty call because the Bay Area Derby Girls couldn’t get anyone higher ranked to play. We’d just had a team breakfast and were gearing up for our first game of three – our #38 ranked team was taking on #12, #8 and #2, respectively. We were scared but exhilarated. Breakfast was not sitting great, however.

Walking back to the hotel, I saw a manila envelope leaning against what appeared to be a closed storefront – maybe abandoned. The envelope said, “MAKE FREE ART” on the front. I picked it up and turned it over – on the back, in small sharpied letters, “shoot film.” My teammates were shocked – they were like, “That’s someone’s mail!” But it just didn’t feel like it. I looked around harder – somehow I could imagine someone planting this mysterious envelope and then watching from a building across the busy urban street. I didn’t see anyone. One of my teammates took a few steps away from me.

I turned it over and over and over, and then finally decided: this isn’t someone else’s mail. This is for me.

Inside, a note:

make free art inside

AND this gorgeous print.
make free art no frame

That didn’t just make my day. It still inspires me. Guess where my tiny paintings are going to end up?